Reliable camera trainee with good experience across the board on various student and professional productions. I am hard working and commited to make the step from short films and smaller projects to establish myself in the area of feature films and (H-E) TV.

Adept at fitting into existing teams as well as adaptable to the needs of the department and the camera team. If necessary, I can quickly adopt new skills, whether this means learning from a more experienced colleague or acquiring knowledge myself and independently. I can follow a brief or use my own initiative when required. I am familiar with film and digital formats as well as up to date with the latest camera equipment technology.

With a previous engagement in the German Navy, I work collaborative, smart, and efficient. I can work under any condition and I will always look after my team and colleagues. I always intend to make work easier for the people around me by being anticipatory.

Fluent in English and German (native); with a clean driving license and own car.

I also make good coffee.